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Fashion FAZE

Vintage Vault

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This is Cassie, our virtual FAZE associate for the Vintage Vault. Our virtual hosts will help you better understand about each department.. if you still have questions, please email us at look for our other virtual associates coming soon

Fashion FAZE is the only way to consign and buy. From a buyers perspective, you get great, designer, name brand, up to date items, for WAY less than you would pay new. You can shop from the privacy and comfort of your own home. You never have to leave the house.. until of course you get your new clothes, then you will want to go out and show them off! From a consignors view point... you get WAY bigger commission checks! Sure, we have the same commission terms as most consignment shops (50/50) but the difference is, we aren't selling to only local, walk in traffic. We're dealing with the information highway.. the INTERNET.. and that means hundreds of thousands of people a month! No one can compete on a walk in only basis.  We feel certain that you will always find exactly what you're in the FAZE for here! If there is something you need or desire thats not on our website, please drop us an email, we will be sure to find it for you!!

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Don't forget to visit us on eBay! We sell exclusively consigned items on eBay, as well as tons of great vintage merchandise.. visit our really cool new store on eBay Fashion FAZE! We always will be running eBay auctions as well! Our eBay seller id is FashionFAZEs.. don't worry, soon we will be FashionFAZE, we accidentally added the "s" on the end.. it will be changed soon, so we will be easy to find. Our you can search our store and direct to the auctions through the store. See you soon!!

Click the link below... and have a great time shopping!

Fashion FAZE on eBay!

All the latest trends ... name brands... designer suits, beaded silk gowns, wedding apparel including Bridal Gowns, Shoes, Bags, and don't forget FAZE ORIGINALS gorgeous bridal accessories that go with your bridal attire.. all original .. no one else will have the same things.. after all.. its all about YOU!